:: GP ST Entry - Stage 2 Assessment::

All Deaneries now require GP ST applicants to sit a 2 part assessment as part of the initial assessment prior to shortlisting.  This consists of 2 papers - the Clinical Problem Solving paper and the Professional Dilemma paper.  

The Clinical Problem Solving assessment is set at the standard expected of an F1 doctor at the end of the F1 year.  There is a National paper, so everyone sits the same assessment regardless of which deanery they apply to.

We have prepared some sample GP ST entry questions, which are based on the style and level of actual questions in previous exams.  These sample questions are provided free of charge by Emedica.  Emedica has an online revision service that covers the entire syllabus for the GP ST entry assessment.

Once you press start, a new window will open with the first question. 

***Updated to include all formats for the 2013 GP Stage 2 exam***

If you found these questions helpful, you might consider subscribing to the Emedica online GP ST entry revision package, which has over 2000 questions , including Extended Matching Questions, Single Best Answer questions, Situational Judgement test / Professional Dilemma questions and T/F MCQs.   There are also 2 timed MOCK EXAMS for the Clinical Paper, as well as a timed mini mock for the Situational Judgement test paper.

Details are available HERE



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