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::Important paperwork before finishing a Registrar post::

When you are approaching the last couple of months in your GP Registrar year, you may find yourself busy with exams, finishing of your videos, and starting to look out for jobs. There are a few essential bits of paperwork that you MUST make sure are up to date and completed if you want to move smoothly from Registrar to GP.

CRB form

All PCTs / LHBs require that you have an up to date Enhanced level CRB check, so make sure that yours is up to date. For most of you this wont be an issue as you will have completed this process a the start of your Registrar year, but a few of you may be on hybrid schemes, which split the GP Registrar component to 6 months at the beginning and 6 months at the end, so make sure that your form is not due to expire just as you finish (they last 3 years).

Certification from the PMETB / RCGP

You cannot practice as a GP without getting a certificate of completion of training (CCT) from the RCGP / PMETB. In order to get your certificate of completion, you must submit several documents including your VTR1 form, all VTR2 forms, GMC certificate and a covering letter.  These should be forwarded to the RCGP certification unit with a fee of £350.  They will then check and pass on the details to the PMETB for certification.  The PMETB charges a fee of £500 for this!  More details are given in this article. You can and SHOULD submit these documents one month before you are due to finish.  Links to all the relevant forms are HERE.  

Registration with the Medical Performers List

Each PCT (or LHB in Wales ) has a list of people eligible to practice as GPs or GP Registrars (the Performers list). You need to be on this list to work as a GP in that area. As a GP Registrar you are on the supplementary list, so must write to the PCT to have your details amended. This may involve submitting references and an up to date Enhanced CRB check. The paperwork can take several weeks to go through, so again, apply early.

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