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::Important paperwork before starting a Registrar post::

Before you start out as a GP Registrar, there is a whole heap of paperwork that needs to be taken care of. These are some of the key bits of administration that you will need to complete BEFORE you start.

Enhanced Disclosure

You will need to have a valid Enhanced Disclosure from the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) in order to start work as a registrar. It is important that you apply for this at least three months before your intended start date, as it often takes more than six weeks for this to be completed. You will need to submit the relevant form as well as original documents proving your identity and address. You can find out more from the CRB site here.

You will need this in order to be able to complete the second important bit of admin..

Supplementary / Medical Performers List

To work as a GP Registrar you need to be on the supplementary list of your local Primary Care Trust (PCT), or the Medical Performers List of the Local Health Board (LHB) in Wales . You will need to send a copy of your CV, all your immunisation documents, a completed form, AND have enhanced disclosure. This is VERY IMPORTANT. You will not be allowed to work in General Practice unless you complete all these forms and are on the list. Again, make sure you put in your application in plenty of time.


You will need to inform your indemnity organisation that you are going to begin work as a GP Registrar. This will lead to a large increase in the fee that you pay - typically from about £60-75 for an SHO to over £1100 for a full time GP Registrar. You can claim back the difference between the SHO and GPR rate after you have made the payment. The indemnity organisation should provide a standard letter detailing the SHO rate, the GPR rate and the difference, and you can then claim this back from the practice.

Car Insurance

You should let your insurer know that you will be using your car for business purposes (most of you will currently have Social, domestic and pleasure usage +/- commuting). The change is necessary as you will be using the car for home visits. This will invariably cost you more, but that is one of the reasons you get a car allowance.

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