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General Medical Services Vs Personal Medical Services

GMS and PMS are the main contracting services under primary care contracting for the General practitioners in the United Kingdom . As we read more about the GMS and PMS issues, one is at cross roads to understand the fundamental differences between the two contract provisions. In this article, Dr Shahida Parveen Azeez summarises the differences between the two contracts.  In this article GMS relates to nGMS, the GMS contract in force since 2004.



NHS Act: Services are provided under Part 2 of the NHS Act 1977

Services are provided under Part 1 of the NHS Act 1977

Contract: NHS contract or a private law contract between the PCO and the practice.

(Red book payments+ contract)

Contract: Contract ( provision of a set of services which are specified in the actual contract itself ) locally agreed and negotiated between the GP and the local bodies.

Patients: Patients will register with the practice and not with the individual GP.

Patients: Patients will register with the individual GP and not the practice.

Services: A greater range of services for patients.

Services: Choice of services restricted to what the GP has negotiated under the PMS contract.

Rewards: Payment by result . nGMS contract rewards practices more appropriately for delivering quality in both their clinical work and in how they are organised.


Rewards: Restricted to the contract negotiated.




Pensions : OOH coops and locums are pensionable

Pensions : Not all work is pensionable

OOH: Can opt out

OOH: GP's were responsible.

Quality rewards: Quality work is rewarded

Quality rewards: Quality work is not rewarded

Loss of income : No loss of income if GP leaves

Loss of income: Loss of income if GP leaves(It takes time to replace the old GP with the new one who can provide the same services).

Practice Population demographics: Accounted for ( It caters to all the segments of the population)

Practice Population demographics: Not Accounted for (It may not cater to all the segments of the population)

Disclaimer : Service provisions in GMS and PMS may change without notice. The author accepts no responsibility for any information in this article that changes at short notice. For current up to date information refer to 2005     design by emedica