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Exam day

Once you have completed all your preparations, its time to finally sit the exam.  Plan your journey so you arrive with plenty of time to spare.  Allow at least half an hour for traffic, or more if you are traveling further.  If the journey is going to be more than an hour and a half, consider traveling the night before and staying somewhere nearby.  Better to spend a few quid and arrive fresh in the morning than to be tired before you even start.

Answer the question

Read the instructions very carefully before you start, and briefly glance through the whole paper before you begin writing.  You may find some sections very easy, and it is often better to assure these marks quickly rather than struggle on a more difficult section for ages and run out of time on the easy ones.  Read the question, and make sure you have answered what they are asking (especially essay / critical reading questions).

Time is of the essence..

Keep an eye on the clock, to ensure you are working at a suitable rate.  Make sure you have time to check your answers are correctly filled in on the form, especially for MCQs.  It is best to try to transfer these as you go along and check them at the end - if you leave it all for the end and run out of time, you will fail for a silly reason.  Finally, check you have entered your name and / or candidate number correctly - you don't want your marks attributed to someone else (or maybe you do..)


Finally, remember that no matter how bad you feel you did on the day, most exams are weighted, and maybe it was a tough paper that everyone found difficult.  Even if you don't do as well as you hoped, it is only an exam, they can always be retaken, and you can learn both the style of exam and identify areas you need to work on.

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