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We have recently launched a jobs / vacancies service for doctors nearing the end of their VTS. 

This website has become one of the leading online resources for GP trainees.  In December 2005, we received 55,000 page views, and have already exceeded this figure in January 2006.  You can see the site statistics here

To advertise a job on our jobs pages please email full details of the job to with the word "Job advert" in the title line.  You can download a Word template and email back as an attachment, or include the details in the body of the email.

The minimum information we prefer from a job advert is:

Job Title


Start date

Salary / Pay (if negotiable, please state the minimum or a range)

Sessions per week

PMS or GMS if salaried / partnership job

Annual Leave

CPD time (if none, please state none - not applicable for short locums)

Length of contract (if open ended, please state so)

Contact details (phone / fax / email / website if applicable)

All adverts appear as one line of text, which links to a whole web page with all the details you provide.

All adverts are placed until the job is filled (please contact us to remove the job from the database).


£100 per advert

This does not apply to banners / picture box adverts which link to your website (like the box at the top right of this page), which are charged monthly, please email for full details.

If you need any help or advice with creating or writing an advert, please email for help. 2005     design by emedica