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In order to practice as a GP in the UK (whether locum, salaried or partner), you need to have a certificate from the PMETB to prove that you have completed GP training or have equivalent experience.  There is a charge of £250 from the PMETB and another charge of £350 from the RCGP certification unit for this.  Apply one month before you finish your GPR year to allow time for any delays.  YOU CANNOT START WORKING UNTIL YOU HAVE THIS CERTIFICATE.  So, here is a list of the things you have to send in to get your certificate.  

Covering Letter

This should state your full name, GMC number and the address to which the certificate should be sent.

VTR forms

Submit all VTR1 and VTR2 forms.  VTR1 form(s) are for your training as a GP Registrar. If your Registrar year was divided (hybrid / dedicated skills posts), then a separate VTR1 form is needed for each part even if both periods were with the same trainer. The VTR1 forms must be signed by your trainer and then endorsed by the Director of Postgraduate GP Education (DPGPE).  The DPGPE should also sign the final section of the form to confirm that you have passed Summative Assessment.  This can all take a while, so start getting everything together early.

You need a VTR2 form for each hospital job, and you should get them before leaving the post - trying to chase these up a year or two later is time consuming and difficult. The VTR2 form must be signed by your consultant and then endorsed with the hospital stamp. The hospital stamp must have the name of the hospital or trust EXACTLY as given on your VTR2 form - even minor discrepancies have resulted in forms being returned for correction. These forms should also be endorsed by the DPGPE for the deanery where the post was held, so if you change schemes halfway, make sure you get these done before you move.

GMC certificate

Your current annual GMC registration certificate (a photocopy is acceptable).


Gather all these documents together and send them to the RCGP certification unit at least one month before you finish.  Submitting early is probably the most important advice I can give you, and check eveything TWICE to make sure all dates match etc.  Photocopies of VTR forms are not accepted, you must send originals.   Send all the paperwork by recorded delivery to:

The RCGP Certification Unit

1st Floor, 19 Buckingham Street, London. WC2N 6EF
Tel: +44 (0)20 7930 7228

Full details are available on the The RCGP Certification Unit website.  You can also download VTR1 and VTR2 forms from this site.

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