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Stage 2 CBQ Essay paper

Please note that the CBQ Essay paper WILL NOT be used in the GP ST / GP VTS recruitment initial assessment in 2007.  It has been replaced by the Situational Judgement Test.

CBQ Essay shortlisting questions.

The essay type shortlisting question used as part of the initial assessment for GPVTS entry seems to cause candidates much worry. There are numerous posts in forums requesting past questions and model answers, but many of these candidates are missing the point. Learning model answers given by another successful candidate is of little use in this exam, which requires you to think laterally, and relate episodes from your OWN experience.

So, if you can't prepare by learning dozens of model answers off by heart, how can you maximise your score in this part of the assessment? First, know the basics about the exam, second know what the examiners are looking for, so you can demonstrate it, and finally by writing a structured answer.

Exam Basics - When and Where

The shortlisting exams are being held as part of the Stage 2 assessments. The next Stage 2 assessments are on Saturday 24th February 2007.  They will take place in all deaneries that are recruiting.

The exam lasts 2 hours and 20 minutes, and in this time you will have to answer 7 questions. This gives you 20 minutes per question - in this time you have to read and understand the question, plan and write your essay AND leave a few minutes to check over your answer.

The exam must be handwritten, so it is important to write as clearly as possible - no point having a great answer that nobody can read.
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