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::Career options for the adventurous GP::

After finishing your VTS, some of you may decide that you need a bit more excitement than battling with the QOF points in the new contract or carrying out medication reviews. There are many options available to the adventurous GP, and a few are outlined in brief here.

Working abroad

One of the great things about being a GP is that your skills are very transferable and desirable almost anywhere in the world. If you always wanted to spend some time travelling or in another country, the best time maybe after finishing your VTS. Australia and New Zealand are popular destinations - there is no language barrier, and your qualifications are recognised (although you have to register with the local Medical Council). However, there are many other options - Canada , the United States (both require you to sit exams before registration is granted), or somewhere more exotic like Dubai .

The money you can earn varies greatly depending the country, but you will always earn enough to live very comfortably and have money left over for travelling and exploring. The experience gained in working in a different system will also be invaluable. You may even become one of the many expatriates that initially planned to spend six months away and ended up staying for years.

Volunteer work

Another option is to work in the developing world with an organisation like Voluntary Service Overseas. These jobs pay only living expenses and a small allowance, but those that go do it for the experience, and to help create sustainable change and pass on skills, not to earn bags of money. If you cannot commit for a long period of time (VSO usually require 2 years), then you might want to consider going on a project with Doctors Worldwide, who have projects all over the world and take doctors for periods of at least two weeks. This work is often physically and emotionally demanding, but can be very rewarding.

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