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GP ST / VTS Initial Assessment

All Deaneries are now using an initial assessment as part of their GPVTS selection process.  This consists of 2 papers - a Clinical Problem Solving paper, and a Professional Dilemma Paper.

Stage 2 assessment dates and timing

The date of the next stage 2 assessments will be from the 3rd - 10th January 2015. They will take place throughout the country, and you will be able to sit them in the centre closest to your home address (not necessarily the deanery you apply to). The exam is done entirely on computer.

Clinical Problem Solving paper content and level

The VTS entry / GP ST Entry Stage 2 assessments are set at the level expected of a PRHO or F1 doctor at the END of their first year. The CPS exam lasts 75 minutes with about 100 questions. The make up of the questions is about 60% general medicine / general surgery / therapeutics, and the other 40% is usually made up of speciality questions from ENT, ophthamology, obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics, psychiatry, dermatology, orthopaedics and trauma and rheumatology etc.

Questions may include Single Best Answer and Extended Matching type questions. 

There is no negative marking, so aim to answer all the questions.

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