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I am a fully trained (VTS) GP in the UK, and stopped working after the birth of my second daughter 3 years ago. I'm now thinking of returning to work, but I am unclear as to what exactly I must do. Please would you advise me. 


If you completed your training and have a JCPTGP certificate, then you
can do one of two things:
1.  Go on a GP returner (refresher) scheme.  This allows those than
have been away from GP for at least 2 years the chance to ease back in
a safe environement, with educational support for a defined period of
time, before taking a job as a GP.  It is a bit like some of the
schemes for GP registrars that have finished but wish to have six or
12 months of working with a supervisor for advice etc.  There is more
detailed advice at this link: /gp_return/overview.htm   Many deaneries
have similar schemes, so contact your local postgraduate dean for GP.

2.  You can actually just apply for a job and start working, although
some practices may be wary.  One way would be to locum for a short
while first, and then perhaps take a salaried post before considering
a parnership etc., or alternatively, take a post as a GP retainer (max
4 sessions a week), allowing you to spend more time with your
children.  Once you got back into the swing of things, you could then
decide to increase to more sessions.

Either way, you will need to check with the JCPTGP that your
certificate is current, and get an Enhanced Disclosure from the CRB,
and register with your local PCT as a GP on the Medical Performers

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