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I just found out that I have to take an mcq assessment to apply for a job in London Deanery.  Do you know where I can see some sample questions from previous mcqs?


Many Deaneries are now moving to an MCQ assessment as part of the application process for entry to a VTS.

Unfortunately, there are NO past papers available for these assessments. Most of the Deaneries are moving to a single format, which is likely to become standard in all Deaneries in a few years, so they guard it closely (the question bank is probably not that large so questions may pop up again).

Questions typically cover general medicine and surgery, and most of the specialties you would expect in Finals - ophthalmology, obs and gynae, paediatrics, ENT, psychiatry etc.  The standard is that expected of a competent house officer, and slightly lower than the summative assessment questions.

emedica have developed some practice questions for this assessment based on the type and level of questions seen in REAL exams in the last 12 months.  You can find out more here.

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