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I'm planning to apply for a GP VTS scheme starting next February. As I have a young child, I can't work full-time. My question: do all hospitals in the London deanery allow for flexible training? I'd like to do the program on a part-time basis (eg 3 days a week). Where can I find out more about flexible hours in a GP VTS program?


Flexible training is THEORETICALLY possible at any hospital, and as
part of any VTS.  The reality is that funding is limited, so that
there are not that many places.  You have to have a good reason why
you wish to train flexibly (your reason is a good one, and one of the
more common requests). 

In London, you need to contact Beverley Gainey at the London Deanery
on e-mail: .

If you follow this link ; _for_organising_flexible_tr .htm  there
is advice on flexible training in London, and you you go about

Each Deanery should have someone responsible for organising flexible training.

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